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All in all this was a pretty great run of shows. We are all very appreciative to be a part of this tour and we couldn’t have gone out with a better group of guys. Thanks to everyone who came and showed support. We’ll be back through sometime in the near future.

Sunday March 15th
Denver Colorado
Winters and Losers Tour

This was the last show of the tour. The sound was pretty rough in my opinion but everyone managed to make it happen during their sets. I was feeling like total shit and definitely had a fever when we played. I spent the rest of the night at the merch table selling stuff and trying to act like I was feeling okay. There were a lot of drunk girls at this show giving the eye to all of us. I was not feeling it. We eventually wrapped the show up and headed back to Fort Collins for the night.

Saturday March 14th
Fort Collins Colorado
Winters and Losers Tour

This was another great show. Fort Collins is like grieves home town crowd. There were 3 openers that did 15 minute sets before Type went on. It seemed to drag on a little bit. The crowd was a kind of stiff when we got up on stage but we loosened them up after a few songs. By the end we had won them over pretty well. Grieves and Budo got up after us and killed it like they always do. This definitely felt like it should have been the last show of the tour.

Friday March 13th
Jackson Wyoming
Winters and Losers Tour

Holy shit. We played at a old saloon style spot in the middle of town that people say is haunted. I can see that. This place felt like the wild west. We loaded in, sound checked and waited for doors to open. Pretty soon there was a line around the block to get in. I’ve never seen so many young kids at a show. The final count was a little under 200 paid and I would bet there wasn’t anyone in there over the age of 16. The energy that these kids had was unbelievable. Everyone on the bill worked the crowd really well. We worked the merch after the show and could barely keep up with all the people buying shit. I noticed a shirt missing off of the merch table and saw a kid putting it in his coat pocket from across the room. By the time I made it through the crowd the grab him he was no where to be found. Little fucker. I hope he enjoys his size small girls shirt.

Thursday March 12th
Salt Lake City Utah
Winters and Losers Tour

We played at Kilby Court tonight. We were here a few months back and this is definitely one of our favorite places to play. The crowd was so enthusiastic and fun and there was a lot of familiar faces from the last time we played. There was this drunk kid that wouldn’t get off of the stage so we gave him the boot out the side door. He managed to get back in during our set and a few kids in the crowd dragged him back out. The next day we saw a video online of him being cuffed by the Salt Lake Police for going into the wrong house and passing out in the bathroom. We all laughed our asses off at that shit.

Wednesday March 11th
Boise Idaho
Winters and Losers Tour

We played at a place called The Reef and it was a free show for people 21+ and $5 for people under 21. None of us new what to expect for this one. The venue was basically a tiki bar restaurant with a stage and sound system at one end. We didn’t get to sound check until the dinner rush was over but when we did we were all pretty pleased with the way it sounded. The show got going around 9ish and people started filling in pretty quickly. We eventually hit the stage after Type and I felt like we killed our set. The sound was really nice and I think we one the crowd over. Grieves got up after us and absolutely murdered it. After the show we hung out and sold a good amount of merch to the Boise crowd. This was a much needed show after a few slow ones in Montana. Hopefully we’ll be back to Boise sometime soon.

Monday March 9th
Bozeman Montana
Winters and Losers Tour

It was fucking freezing cold when we pulled into Montana and I think all of us had completely forgotten about the god damned winter time. We played at a place called The Filling Station. Sold a few shirts before we even set up merch which was pretty rad. This was a very intimate show, a group called The Black Mask opened it up and we all were feeling them. Type came up next and totally stole the show in my opinion, the crowd was feeling his humor. The sound was nice, we played pretty well. We all hung out and watched Grieves and Budo do there set and they killed it as always. Very intimate show with a good vibe to it. I like Bozeman for some reason.

Sunday March 8th
Spokane Washington
Winters and Losers Tour

We played at a place called The Blvd. It was a Sunday night and none of us were really feeling it. Small crowd that wasn’t very enthusiastic at all. Played through our set and felt okay about it. After we played we watched Grieves proceed to get drunk on stage and it was pretty entertaining. That’s all.

Saturday March 7th
Seattle Washington
Winters and Losers Tour

We played at The Nectar and the show was pretty packed. The final count was a little over 200 people paid I believe. I really liked the venue and it was nice to have a good sound system to play through. Type came out wearing a yellow poncho and dancing to It’s Raining Men to start his set off. We got up after him and I felt really good about our set. I saw a lot of people smiling and having a good time. Some dude kept yelling at me to give him the mic so he could rap. I love that shit. Never in my life have I ever considered doing something like that at a show. We handled him nicely and he went away. Some girl called Dirt out for having his fly down. It was awesome. Hung out at the merch table and sold a good amount of our shit. Absolute finished out the night Djing and fucking murdered it. In my opinion Absolute is up there when it comes to rocking a crowd and getting people dancing. Some dude pulled me aside and gave me a pretty nice bag of some nasty grass just because he was so impressed with Absolute fucking up the crowd. The night ended with a pretty big brawl in the doorway of the venue. Entertaining night.

Friday March 6th
Olympia Washington
Winters and Losers Tour

We rolled 9 deep in the van down to Olympia from Seattle. We brought along Murder Dice, Gomez, Macklemore and Teru and it was good crew to be rolling with. We played at a place called the China Clipper that didn’t have a soundman for the night so we all chipped in setting up and getting things in order. Budo and Absolute got everything handled for the most part while Dirt, Grieves and I sound checked and Type set up Merch. We were all pretty impressed with how we managed to get the room to sound. Morale was pretty high and we all here having a good time getting ready for doors to open. We were saying how it would be nice if we could handle everything every night and not have to deal with anyone outside of our crew. The show went over pretty well and we played to a small but content crowd. We headed back to Seattle after the show and after dropping everyone off we didn’t pull into where we were staying until after 4 a.m. Late night, good shit.

Thursday March 5th
Seattle Washington
Winters and Losers Tour

We had the day off today. Dirt, Absolute and I didn’t do a damn thing. We went out and had a shitty meal with a couple of crappy beers. We all got about 12 hours of much needed sleep. The end.

Wednesday March 4th
Bakersfield California
Winters and Losers Tour

This place reminded me of Sioux City Iowa. We played in the basement of a place called Jerrys Pizza and it was grimy as hell, very punk rock. The sound sucked huge elepahant sized cock and I was furious about it on stage. My voice was fucked. We managed to get through the set and people seemed to still have a good time. We were thankful for that. We hung out after our set and managed to sell quite a bit of stuff to the Bakersfield kids. Thank you guys. We headed out of Bakersfield around 11 that night and proceeded to drive 16 hours north to Seattle for a day off because our Fresno show got cancelled. I drove 9 hours through the middle of the night and we all stayed up and talked about rap shit. Eventually I became delirious and we switched drivers. I passed out and eventually awoke to the driver nodding off and coming 6 inches from crossing the center line into the guard rail. We weren’t really stoked about that. We’re all pretty happy that we’re not dead.

Tuesday March 3rd
Los Angeles California
Winters and Losers Tour

We rolled into L.A. in the afternoon and headed to the Knitting Factory where we were playing in the Alterknit Lounge. We were here with Mac and Grieves a few months prior in a different room. I was excited to play here again because I wasn’t too stoked about our performance the last time and I wanted retribution. The venue filled up fast and was soon sold out. Silent Army opened, followed by Type, both did a good job. We took the stage and I was blown away by the energy the room had, Lethalville/Black Clover people were in the house for sure. We whipped through the set and I felt like we played a lot better this time. The show went really well considering that Aceyalone, mycha 9 and Icon the Mic King were playing in the big room next to us. We hung out afterwards and took some photos with all the lethal Ville heads. Love those guys. L.A. is definitely one of our favorite spots to play.

MondayMarch 2nd
Scottsdale Arizona
Winters and Losers Tour

We pulled into Scottsdale and checked into our hotel before unloading which was nice. Headed the Chasers where we played with Mac and Grieves a few months earlier on the Happy Holidays Tour. We chopped it up with a few people we met last time and checked out the local openers, the Canyon Animals and Obey the Alter Native. Both groups held it down really well. It’s nice to get openers that know what they’re doing. The crowd was very lively and gave back all the energy that we gave them. Good show.

Sunday March 1st
Flagstaff Arizona
Winters and Losers Tour

We pulled into Flagstaff in the early afternoon and headed to The Joint where we were playing an all ages show that evening. The joint is a small bar/venue that is connected to a strip club in the back. Dope. After a grueling 3 hour set up and sound check we were good to go, or one would think we were good to go. Some locals opened the show up. Type got them going as he usually does then we were up. We got up on stage ready to rip and were bummed out when it took the sound guy 10 minutes to get us 2 working mics. Thank god we did a 3 hour sound check. We ended up losing the beat 3 different times during our set which tends to kill any momentum you might have built. The crowd stuck with us and besides the sound being awful it was a pretty good show. We got done and headed to the strip club to relax while Grieves did his set. While we were in the club we all cringed with embarrassment when a girl took the stage by tripping up the stairs and dancing to the music in what could be compared to a full body dry heave. It was her first night stripping. I wanted to take here aside tell her she didn’t have to do this. We should have given her a job running merch for the tour or something.

Saturday February 28th
Durango Colorado
Winters and Losers Tour

We made the long drive from to Steamboat to Durango and headed to The Summit where we were playing that night. We got a really good sound check in and it was so nice to have a soundman who gave a shit. The local opener never showed up so Type started the night off and the people in the spot were loving his humor and energy. By the time we took the stage people were slowly filing in. I thought we played well and was really happy with the sound in the place. I ended up getting a little faded at the end of the night with sound man. Colorado has good weed.

Friday February 27th
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Winters and Losers Tour

We rented our selves a fly ass Kia and drove to Omaha from Sioux Falls, got on a plane and flew to Denver. Grieves and Type were waiting for us when we got off the plane, we hugged, exchanged high fives and headed towards the baggage claim to pick up our merch and bags. We got picked up in the Sprinter van and had to kill some time until we could come back to the airport and scoop up Budo who’s flight got delayed. Eventually we grabbed Budo and we were off to play our first show that night in Steamboat Springs CO. We got to the spot we were playing and loaded in as they were having there dinner rush. The Venue was a pub/bar/restaurant that had a little stage with a small sound system that was brought in for the night. We got set up after a while and Grieves did a sound check in front of about 20 people dancing in front of the stage. The crowd was drunk and wild from the beginning of the night. Type took the stage after a while and got the crowd nice and loose before we got on stage. The sound was a little rough in the spot but we got up there and compensated with energy and drunken stage antics. We played a 45 minute set of old stuff and a few new ones we’ve never played on the road before. I felt like we got a lot of pent up energy out and we left the stage feeling satisfied and covered in beer. Grieves came on after us and killed it as he usually does. Good first night.

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